Bullet Journaling

A big part of what I have been doing lately is refining my journaling practice. In my early teens I received Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” from my father as a gift. On and off again for years (but especially for the last seven or so) I have been journaling regularly. More recently (since around the beginning of the year) I have been dabbling in bullet journaling. It is a flexible system created by Ryder Carroll that helped me to streamline my journaling practice, calendar keeping and miscellaneous tracking into a single journal at a time.

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May Updates: Behave, Edits, Bullet Journaling

For the first few months of the year I’d been fairly good about completing at least one book per month but my pace has slowed because I’m reading drafts of my own book in order to start the painful editing process. I’m also slowly reading through Robert Sapolsky’s newest book, Behave, which is lengthy and meaty. And gradually I’ve been adopting my own bullet journal layout so there are many different projects that aren’t complete but are exciting to navigate.

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