C.R. Elliott is a writer, artist and photographer. She was born into a California household suffused with art, folklore and curiosity. Her unconventional childhood spanned the Golden state with interludes to Hungary. This period of her life developed an aesthetic eye for the mythical and sublime in and among the ruins and mundane corners of life. In college she studied design, art, literature and earned a Bachelor’s in Anthropology.

Her work is threaded through with the stuff of dreaming worlds infused with the energies of magic, love, tenacity and boundless curiosity. Prints and household goods with her art are available for purchase on Society6 and Zazzle. She is currently editing the first book in a fantasy series set on a magical, watery planet on the verge of a new era. Additionally she reviews ARCs on Goodreads and produces photography and art which she features on Instagram. You can find blog posts and book reviews here.

During the early to mid 2000s, Clara created and developed a fan site covering Paz Lenchantin, Big Milk and Camerata Tango as well as operating a personal portfolio website. Clara’s published writing has appeared in two Santa Barbara area publications as well as some others. Several writing samples are available here. She attended Santa Barbara City College and the University of California Santa Barbara studying Anthropology, English, Art and Multimedia. In 2010 Clara graduated with a Bachelors in Anthropology.

Also blogging on Rosie Eatz


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